Mint Online TV

Mint Online TV 2.2

Free Internet TV app with direct access to YouTube


  • Many channels available
  • Includes direct access to YouTube


  • Sometimes it's hard to find working channels

Not bad

A television set in the dining-room is no longer the only device you can use to watch TV. Now you can also use your computer, as long as you have the appropriate software.

With Mint you can watch over a thousand TV channels from all over the world, about all sorts of topics: movies, news, weather information, music, shops… Mint is really simple to use: run the program, select the channel you want to watch and double click on it. The image will be displayed on the right window of the interface. Mint also includes a built-in YouTube search engine that lets you look for videos in the popular video site and play them directly on Mint's interface.

The program works fine in general terms, and selected channels load up quite quickly – if they do load at all. Because that's precisely the main drawback to Mint: sometimes it's quite hard to find a channel that actually works. Then again, malfunctioning channels are difficult to avoid, especially if you have more than 1,000 to choose from.

With Mint – and a bit of luck – you can watch TV channels from all over the world in your computer, and YouTube videos as well.

Mint Online TV


Mint Online TV 2.2

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